The development process of an industrial product is divided into basic phases with specific requirements and outputs. Our methodology ensures a comprehensive and integrative response to the customer's needs all along the process.

  • Client Brief

    A document provided by the customer that serves as a reference point for both parties involved, and acts as a guide throughout the design process. It should contain the project's most fundamental requirements, aims and milestones in order to address all essential design issues.
  • Research

    A preliminary phase that sets the foundation for a successful design process. The research includes analyzing factors such as innovation, functionality, technology, competition and safety of the product, and its interactions regarding various aspects.
  • Concept Proposal

    Developing several alternatives of design concepts which are presented through 2D sketches and 3D simulations. Once the preferred concept is set, the project receives a solid design vector.
  • CAD

    Parametric construction drawings, that bring the design one step further on the way towards a manufacturable product. Defining the project's major technical aspects, including engineering and production requirement.
  • Physical Model

    Constructing a tangible model according to specifics scale and material requirements for Man-Machine Interface evaluation and presentation purposes.
  • Production Supervision

    Supporting the customer throughout the production process in order to accurately reflect the initial design in the final commercial product.
  • Marketing Aids

    Producing an integrated set of marketing aids, that emphasize the design characteristics of the product and the customer's branding.